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High Heel Plastic Surgery: Is it Worth the Risk?

Wearing your favorite Louboutin high heels comes with a price: pain. Yes, your legs may look a mile long, but are you really okay with the pain and burning sensation you’re experiencing in the ball of your foot? Some women aren’t willing to make the sacrifice of pain for beauty, but others have decided on a different solution to their shoe problem and that solution is a cosmetic procedure to their feet: high heel plastic surgery.

High Heel Plastic Surgery: Is it Worth the Risk?

Some women are choosing to get “toe jobs” so that they fit into their pumps better, or even their sandals for that matter. Other women are having biodegradable cushioning injected into their feet, which replaces the natural cushioning in the foot and lasts about nine months.

Now, I know that over the years high heels have been getting higher and higher, but is plastic surgery on your feet really the answer? Studies have found that, no, this isn’t a good option – it’s actually could cause more harm than good. The surgeries could result in infections, pain, scarring and nerve pain, which are worse than the consequences of just wearing high heels without any adjustments to your feet.

Although all of this information is pretty well known, we are still at it. People are continuing to have their feet worked on just to fit into their shoes a little bit better. Would you ever go to a plastic surgeon for high heel surgery?

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