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Exercises to Help Sculpt Your Calves

Everybody would love to have beautifully sculpted calves, but how do you obtain them? Not only will your legs look great after doing the following exercises, but you will also be able to withstand longer periods of walking, running, or any other activity that requires the use of your legs.

Exercises to Help Sculpt Your Calves

Standing Calf RaisesStand near a wall and place your hands in front of you for stability. With your feet flat against the floor, slowly raise both of your heels about three inches off the ground and then slowly lower yourself back down. Start with eight reps of 25 calf raises and take a break between every rep to shake out your legs. After a week, increase the amount of reps to 16.

Advanced Standing Calf Raises- This exercise is a little more intense. Place your feet on a step so that your heel extends out from over the step. Slowly raise yourself up and slowly lower yourself, only this time lowering a little below the step. This exercise gives the calves more of a workout and should be performed for 2 minutes intervals at a steady pace.

Jogging- Wear running shoes that are comfortable and give you adequate foot support. Start off with a light jog for approximately 5 minutes just to get your legs warmed up. After 5 minutes of jogging, walk around for a few seconds and then do a few leg stretches to reduce the risk of injury. Stretch for around 10 minutes, then you can begin jogging on the balls of your feet.

Jump Rope Make sure you have a jump rope that is long enough for your body type. Begin by jump roping for ten 2 minutes intervals and rest for one minute in between each set. Alternate between two feet jumps and one foot jumps.

Box Jumps- You can use card-board boxes that are around 1 foot high for this exercise. Begin by jumping forward over the box. Repeat this for 2 reps of 25 jumps.

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