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Top 10 Places to Ditch Your Sneakers

Unless you’re super successful, wealthy, and named Mark Zuckerburg or Steve Jobs, you just can’t choose to wear sneakers wherever you go. Sure, they are perfectly fine if you’re exercising or heading out to the grocery store, but otherwise, leave them in your closet. Here is a list of the top 10 places you definitely shouldn’t be sporting your sneakers.

Top 10 Places to Ditch Your Sneakers

10. Nightclub: Typically if you’re heading out to a decent nightclub there is going to be a dress code. This means no sneakers! You don’t want to be the one holding your group back from getting in the club, do you? Plus, if you’re looking to dance with someone, your shoes will most likely turn off him or her.

9. First date: It’s nerve-wracking enough to be going on a first date with someone without your date feeling like they are overdressed because you decided to choose comfort and throw on a pair of sneakers. Unless it’s an outdoorsy date, opt for nicer shoes.

8. Theatre: It’s pretty disrespectful to show up to a theatre looking bum-like. The actors performing have worked hard and deserve your respect, the least you can do is dress nicely.

7. Ice hotel: This one is random, sure, but who knows – you may end up at Sweden’s Ice Hotel one day! That being said, you’re going to need many layers of clothing when heading into this place, and sneakers just aren’t going to keep your feet warm. If you wear them, you’ll want to stay cuddling under some blanket instead of exploring the ice bar, lunge and sculptures throughout the hotel. Plus, you can’t be social when you’re stuck under a blanket.

6. Church: Traditionally, churchgoers dress in their Sunday best when heading to their service. This is a good tradition. Stick to it.

5. Awards Ceremony: It doesn’t matter if the award is for you or you’re showing someone support by being at the ceremony, this is a time to dress your best. For all you know you’ll get mobbed by paparazzi while you’re there!

4. Job Interview: Tip #1 to getting a job: Dress professionally. An employer isn’t going to want you to represent their company if you’re dressed like a slob in your sneakers. Even if the company seems laid back with their dress code, you should overdress rather than underdress. Sneakers will just make you look unkempt.

3. Wedding: Please, please, please don’t wear sneakers to a wedding. The bride and groom spent months planning a gorgeous ceremony to publicly announce their love – don’t be the one person that ruins the beautiful pictures with your unsightly sneakers.

2. The White House: Yay! You’ve been invited to the White House! It doesn’t matter who you are – if you are meeting the President of the United States of America, you should probably take the time to put on nice shoes. Come on, it’s the president – you should definitely dress to impress in this situation.

1. Funeral: In order to truly pay your respects to the family of the deceased, you need to wear a suit, dress, or nice black outfit with understated dress shoes. Comfort shouldn’t be a priority in this setting.

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