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How to Avoid Flat Feet

Flat feet are a painful condition in which the arch of your foot has collapsed. Here are a few ways to avoid or help you out with flat feet.

How to Avoid Flat Feet

  1. Wear good shoes. This is the most important way to make sure you don’t get flat feet. You need to make sure that your shoes fit and are comfortable. You also need to check that there is arch support in your shoes that start at the side and fade into the center.
  2. Tie shoes tightly. If you don’t, the arch supports in you shoes lose their value leading to blisters and messing up your toes.
  3. Try out this exercise:
Tie a small rubber band around your big toes. Place a tin can between your feet, in your arches, and try to touch your heels together. Sounds silly, but do you really want to end up with flat feet?
  4. Add more support. If you absolutely have to have shoes that lack arch support, do yourself a huge favor and buy inserts to put into your shoes. Your feet will thank you.
  5. For extreme cases, make an appointment with a podiatrist. If these DIY remedies don’t work for you, this is your best option. This way, your podiatrist can determine what the proper action is for you to take.

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