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7 Tips to Help with Foot Numbness

For those of you with diabetes, you may have experienced pain or numbness in your feet. This condition is called peripheral neuropathy and occurs when the nerves in your extremities are nutritionally unbalanced, causing the nerves stop function incorrectly. There are medications that can help with your condition, but here are some ways that you can ease the pain on your own.

7 Tips to Help with Foot Numbness

  1. Pain relievers work miracles. Even something like ibuprofen can help with the pain and discomfort you’re experiencing as you walk.
  2. Vitamin supplements are great in aiding the improvement of your nutrition. This way you will be increasing blood flow and circulation in every area of your body, including your feet.
  3. Shoe inserts can help relieve pressure on your feet, fix imbalances as you walk, and ultimately improve your blood circulation over time.
  4. Give your feet a little more room to breathe and buy some bigger shoes. To get that blood flowing your feet need ample room to move around.
  5. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Aerobics is your best option since it gets your blood flowing and makes your heart stronger. However, swimming is also great because you’re working every part of your body all at once.
  6. Massage your feet to relieve tension and push blood towards your foot muscles.
  7. Elevating your feet will keep blood from gathering around your ankles, which leads to terrible circulation, if any at all.

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