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Top Football Injuries Going Into Week 4 of the 2012 Season

Still watching those pro athletes and wondering, “If these athletic titans can sprain that, what could happen to me?” Well, you’re smart to do so. We love to say it. but you really can learn a lot about what to watch out for by just studying the disabled players list!

We’re only four weeks into the 2012 college football season and we’ve already seen some pretty significant injuries. Here are the ones we think will have the biggest impact on Week 4 of the 2012 college football season… The most critical

Football Injuries

  1. Boise State lost safety Taylor Loffler to a season-ending knee injury. Hopefully they’ll be able to get around this mishap in time for the game.
  2.  BYU linebacker Zac Stout, a 6’1″ 220-pound middle linebacker, has been struggling with an Achilles injury which might knock him out of Thursday’s game in Boise.
  3. TCU’s Linebacker Danny Heiss and defensive end Ross Forrest could possibly be out the remainder of the season. Heiss’s injury remains undisclosed, but he is listed out “indefinitely.” But we know that Forrest suffered a serious knee injury, so he’s definitely out. Waymon James is also in recovery from his knee injury, so TCU will be lacking his ball-carrying skills.
  4. USC’s Abe Markowitz and Khaled Holmes aren’t looking too promising for Saturday’s game with their arm and leg injuries. It looks like they’ll both be missing out on the game against Cal. To make matters worse, tight end Christian Thomas has already missed three games of the season with a hip injury, so he might not get to play either.
  5. Cal isn’t looking too hot either. Tight end Richard Rodgers has a lingering ankle injury so he’ll most likely miss out on the game against USC. It doesn’t stop there, though. Cal is still waiting on Khairi Fortt to recover from knee surgery.
  6. Michigan’s injury report lists names such as Richard Ash, Brennen Beyer, Desmond Morgan, Stephen Hopkins and Brandon Moore. This is pretty bad considering they’ll need all the help they can get when going against Notre Dame.
  7. LSU’s defensive end Jordan Allen and wide receiver Travin Dural are done for the year with knee injuries, but they really need to be more concerned with the loss of junior running back Alfred Blue. We don’t know just how long Blue will be out, but we know one thing for sure – he isn’t going to be playing against Auburn.

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Our Staff writers are freelance writers with higher education related to, or experience researching and writing for, medical blogs; with education or experience equal to under graduate and graduate degrees in the fields of medicine. 

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