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The 7 Categories of Athletic Shoes

Most people aren’t aware of this, but there are actually 7 different categories of athletic shoes. So when you’re out looking for shoes to use in your sport, or just generally wondering what shoe to wear, you’re going to want to know exactly what you’re looking for. Just think how nice it will be to never have blisters on your feet again!

The 7 Categories of Athletic Shoes

  1. Running, training, and walking. This includes hiking, jogging, and exercise walking. These should be comfortable, have good shock absorption as well as a smooth tread, and a rocker sole design so that your heels will roll naturally while you walk. If you are jogging, you’ll need a shoe with good cushioning, flexibility, control and stability in the heel area. They should also be lightweight and have good traction.
  2. Court sports. These sports include tennis, basketball, and volleyball. Since the majority of these sports require you to move in all different directions, the shoes you wear will end up pretty beat up. The key here is to find a shoe with the right type of sole for your sport.
  3. Field sports. Soccer, football, and baseball are field sports that require shoes that are cleated, studded, or spiked. The formations of spikes and studs vary depending on what sport you play.
  4. Winter sports. This category includes figure skating, ice hockey, alpine skiing, and cross-country skiing. The key here: a shoe that provides ample ankle support.
  5. Track and field sport shoes. There are a ton of different models of shoes for runners since everyone has their own specific needs. There are different foot types, gait patterns and training style so you should ask your coach which type of shoe would be best for you and the event you are competing in.
  6. Specialty sports. This consists of golf, aerobic dancing, and bicycling.
  7. Outdoor sports. Shoes for this category are meant for recreational activities like hunting, fishing, and boating.

Getting Professional Treatment

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