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From Leg Injuries to Retirement, the New England Patriots aren’t Looking Good

We can learn so much about the human body just by watching the disabled list of the NFL. Here’s some insight into leg injuries, and if these pro athletes have trouble with their legs you can be assured we’ll have some degree of trouble as well!

Leg Injuries Vex the New England Patriots

Bad news, Patriot fans. It looks like Dane Fletcher tore his ACL during their first preseason game again the New Orleans Saints. This adds to a long list of injuries and unavailable players since the end of the 2011 season. It looked like the Patriots were going to be the favorites in the AFC going into the offseason, but things aren’t looking too good for them since they have been constantly losing players left in right in so many different ways.

One of the ways players have been bowing out is by retirement, something that Matt Light and Brian Waters have been talking about. Injuries are another huge problem lately.  Logan Mankins and Sebastion Vollmer are currently unable to play. With issues like these popping up, the Patriots seem to be struggling.

So far, Dane Fletcher is the second linebacker to be injured, the first being Brandon Spikes who took a cheap shot from Nate Solder. This soon turned into an all-out brawl, after which Spikes was seen limping off the field.

If situations like these continue, the New England Patriots are going to lose their title as “the team to beat” in the 2012 season. Hopefully things will start looking up for them if they have any hope of winning Super Bowl XLVII!

Getting Professional Treatment

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