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Olympian Paul Goodison Struggled with Back Pain

Defending champion in the Laser class, Paul Goodison, admitted on Tuesday, August 7th that his Olympic campaign may be in jeopardy due to back problems he had experienced two races into the regatta, one that Australian Tom Slingsby had won.

Goodison toughed out the first two races, though, doing his best to stay strong and posting a fourth and a ninth to rise to sixth in class. This means that the 34-year-old may just be able to salvage something from the regatta, something in which he promised to do. No matter what, though, Goodison says he will continue to fight.

After being attended to by the team physios, Goodison says the pain is now manageable, but he still doesn’t sleep comfortably at night.  However, he says he is staying focused and doing his best to keep his mind on the gold and off of the pain.

Friends of Goodison have said that they know he will be doing everything he possibly can, whether he is hurting or not. He is a strong-willed man who is determined to make his team, and his country, proud. Because of his fighting spirit, everyone on his team is staying upbeat and keeping their eyes on the prize!

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