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What Are Podiatrist?

A podiatrist is most often thought of as a foot doctor. Doctors of podiatry, however, can also medically treat the ankle and other parts of the body in close proximity to the foot and ankle. These specialists are trained medical doctors who went to medical school to receive their M.D. and then did additional specialty training specifically with other supervisory podiatrists, until they were considered specialists themselves.

Podiatrists can choose to become sub-specialists within the field. Some focus on sports injuries to the foot and ankle. Others have specialized in dermatology of the foot area (i.e. athlete’s foot). Most, however, can do all of the above and more. Diabetes, for example, often shows its first signs in the foot. Similarly, arthritis can show up in the foot, without the person realizing that a podiatrist could be helpful. Because the social stereotype of arthritis is in the hand, most don’t even consider having symptoms of arthritis in the feet.  A podiatrist will recognize this immediately, and be able to make recommendations both for the symptoms on the foot, and to other physicians for helping with the diabetes and/or arthritis.

Podiatrists may order X-rays or prescribe custom shoes, medication or even surgery as solutions for foot and ankle problems. Solutions may also be as simple as keeping your feet elevated. So, whether your problem be as simple as an ingrown toenail or as complicated as orthopedic problems, make an an appointment today with an internationally known podiatrist, Dr. Goldbaum, at his state of the art facilities.

Getting Professional Treatment

It is always our express intent to recommend that you take no chances with foot pain, ankle or knee pain, or injuries. Professional treatment to relieve the pain is available from doctors such as Delray Beach’s Dr. Ian Goldbaum of Delray Beach Podiatry, who has provided us with this blog. If the pain continues, a podiatrist with Dr. Goldbaum’s experience should be consulted. You must get proper treatment to prevent permanent damage.

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