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What is an Orthopedic Surgeon

Do you need an  Orthopedic Surgeon or a Podiatrist?

What is an Orthopedic Surgeon?

An orthopedic surgeon is a specialty medical doctor, with advanced (or post-medical school) training in conditions specific to the musculoskeletal system. The name “surgeon” is somewhat misleading. Such specialty medical doctors do not only resort to surgical means as treatment. Most will first explore nonsurgical ways to treat, using surgical treatments as a last resort. That said, the term orthopedic surgeon is used more to denote that the doctor is authorized to practice surgery on areas that fall within orthopedic concerns as well as in conjunction with other surgeons calling upon their expertise. So while orthopedic surgeons do conduct surgeries, that is not all they do.

An orthopedic surgeon can sub-specialize in many different areas, such as the spine, joint reconstruction, or foot and ankle pain, and many others. In addition, orthopedic surgeons often involve themselves in orthopedic research and/or educating others who desire to become orthopedic surgeons. Primarily, however, orthopedic surgeons operate out of private practices or specialty group practices.

Many orthopedic surgeons report that the most common reason that clients seek orthopedic doctors is because of knee pain (and likewise ankle pain). These doctors would likely recommend  that if you are living with such pain, you may actually be making it worse just by ignoring it and that you should possibly see a Podiatrist about it, NOT an orthopedic surgeon. Nobody knows joint pain like Dr. Ian Goldbaum, for example. Come see Dr. Ian Goldbaum and feel better within mere weeks. Your joints deserve it!

Getting Professional Treatment

It’s often a misconception that an orthopedic surgeon is needed, when in reality a podiatrist should be consulted. It is always our express intent to recommend that you take no chances with foot pain, ankle or knee pain, or injuries. Professional treatment to relieve the pain is available from doctors such as Delray Beach’s Dr. Ian Goldbaum of Delray Beach Podiatry, who has provided us with this blog. If the pain continues, a podiatrist with Dr. Goldbaum’s experience should be consulted. You must get proper treatment to prevent permanent damage.

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