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Lady Gaga: a Force to be Reckoned with in Heelless Shoes

We all have seen the outrageous outfits that Lady Gaga wears, but have you ever really paid attention to the wild shoes she wears? She basically lives in sky-high heel-less platforms which, honestly, look impossible to strut around in, let alone be comfortable in. In fact, she actually took a nose dive in an airport in London because of a crazy pair she was wearing.

These shoes were created by a 25-year-old Japanese designer, Noritaka Tatehana, and can be from 10-18 inches tall – pretty ridiculous, don’t you think? But obviously Gaga loves them since Tatehan, who gets his inspiration from shoes of geishas, has made over 20 pairs for Gaga in the last two years for her.

Now, you may think they must be easier to walk in than they look, but think again. The singer reportedly has a really difficult time walking around in these insane heel(less) shoes.

Just think about it – when you learned to walk, you were taught the heel-toe sequence. So what do you do when there’s no heel to start it off? Our conclusion: she will probably end up with some sort of back problems.

So, if you want our advice, steer clear of those scarily high shoes that will leave you towering, and possibly toppling, over everyone around you and stick to your classic pumps. You have been warned!

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