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LaShawn Merritt Out of the London Olympics – Hamstring Injury

LaShawn Merritt, an American who won the 400-meter gold medal in Beijing, is suffering from a tender left hamstring which has gotten in the way of something huge – the London Olympics.

IMPORTANT: You may not be an Olympic athlete like LaShawn… or you may… But if you are no stranger to lower leg pain, ankle or even foot pain, you should speak to a podiatrist and learn what can be done to eliminate or manage your pain.

Merritt went through an awful 21-month drug suspension, now he will not even be able to defend his title and he is trying to regroup. Between October 2009 and January 2010 he failed three drug tests for a banned substance found in a male-enhancement product. His ban was reduced in time for him to compete at the world championships last year, then he won a case challenging an International Olympic Committee rule that would have kept him from competing in the Olympic Games.

Merritt experienced his first loss of 2012 because of an injury he suffered from last month during a tuneup race in Monaco. At 15-meters, Merritt slowed down significantly and by the time he reached the far turn, you could tell he was finished.

It is still up in the air whether Merritt will race again this year or not, but he talks like a man who has more races in him. Do you think he will be competing any more this year?

Getting Professional Treatment

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