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Sore Feet? Here Are 8 Comfy High Heels That You Can Strut Around In

In today’s society, more and more women are consistently wearing heels in the hopes of bringing out her inner fashionista. Even the women who are the more avid heel wearers, though, are feeling the pain from their toes to, well, everywhere else. So, let’s go on a quest to find some stylish heels that aren’t so rough on your body.

      1. Cole Haan: Cole Haan and Nike came up with a splendid idea! They decided they would combine the Cole Haan shoes with the technology of the oh-so-comfy Nike Air to create a heel that won’t hurt nearly as bad as its competitors.
      2. D&G: Check out these cute shoes. This medium-height chunky heel will keep your sore feet from pleading for help at the end of the day!
      3. BCB Generation: This sturdy ankle boot is a sure way to keep from toppling over when you’re strutting down the street.
      4. Clearwater Creek: These classic, strappy heels are a medium height. These would be perfect for a formal event with lots of dancing!
      5. Matiko: This sly shoe seems to come off as more stylish than functional. But, lucky for you, it’s both!
      6. Matisse: Any bootie-style shoe is going to have more than enough support. These shoes, in particular, have a thick heel and a platform in the front. These are adorable, I must say.
      7. Marc by Marc Jacobs: A wedge heel is always a comfortable, reliable choice. Do yourself a favor and give these a shot.
      8. Dolce Vita: These almost platform heels are ultra-high, but they have an extra arch to give your feet more support to eliminate any more pain at the end of the day.

Do yourself and your feet a favor; if you’re going to wear heels, buy some that aren’t going to be hazardous to you. By wearing the wrong shoes, problems can arise such as osteoarthritis or balance impairment. Are you one of the lucky few to have found that perfect pair of high heels that don’t leave your feet begging for mercy?

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