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The Best (and Worst) Shoes for Your Feet – Shoes For Sore Feet

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Every woman loves shoe shopping.

But when trying on and picking out the shoes that you want, do you consider if they are good for your feet or not?

Be Kind to Your Feet

Low heels: Try to stick to two inches or lower. If they are any higher they could alter how our muscles work and add pressure to the balls of your feet. Ouch!

Thick heels: Those Stilettos may be sexy, but they sure are unstable. Chunkier heels will help you stay balanced, reducing the risk of spraining anything.

Wide toe boxes: Your foot moves unnaturally in rounded toe and pointy toe shoes. However, if the point of the shoe begins to get narrower past your toes then you should be fine.


3+ inch high heels: If you are going to wear these, try to stick to only a few hours at a time. Any longer than that and you are killing your feet.

Platforms: This stiff style prevents your feet from moving naturally and is sure to cause some problems.

Flat shoes: Ditch the flip flops and ballet flats – they have no arch support! Try to wear shoes that have a wide ¼ inch heel.

Your feet have been there for you in every step of your life. The least you could do for them is give them a little more comfort and support throughout the day!

Getting Professional Treatment

The Podiatrist is a specialist in s foot, ankle, knee or lower leg problems. The time to see a podiatrist is when you suspect something may be wrong or when pain will not subside.

It is always our express intent to recommend that you take no chances with foot, ankle or knee pain, or injuries. Professional treatment to relieve the pain is available from doctors such as Delray Beach’s Dr. Ian Goldbaum of Delray Beach Podiatry, who has provided us with this blog. If the pain continues, a podiatrist with Dr. Goldbaum’s experience should be consulted. You must get proper treatment to prevent permanent damage.

Our Staff writers are freelance writers with higher education related to, or experience researching and writing for, medical blogs; with education or experience equal to under graduate and graduate degrees in the fields of medicine.

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