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Non Healing or Slow Healing Ulcers

Dr Goldbaum is trained and Board Certified in Wound Care by the American Podiatric Medical Specialty Board.

Debridement (removal) of diseased tissue is vital in the effective treatment of slow healing Ulcers. These Ulcers, if not properly treated, can severely compromise the health and well being of the patient causing infections and the break down of other areas of the body. In diabetic patients this can lead to possible amputations in severe cases.

Dr Goldbaum may use a number of modalities as part of his treatment protocol. Many types of wound products can be used, such as synthetic graft material, which has been shown in many cases to promote healing and help the patient to return to normal life.

Diet and vitamin supplements have also been shown to have beneficial effects in healing.

Dr. Goldbaum uses state of the art technology to increase the healing rate.

  • Ultrasound imaging is used to evaluate the actual depth of the ulcer.
  • Weight Bearing X-rays to evaluate if bone infection is present.
  • Computerized three dimensional walking pattern is performed to find the abnormal stress and reposition the weight off of the high stress area of the ulceration.
  • Vascular /circulation study performed to evaluate the blood flow status which brings in oxygen and other nutrients to the ulcer site to help healing. When there is a decrease in flow, the use of a Circulator Boot is applied to help increase the blood flow to the ulcer site.
  • Micro Vascular treatment is used in order to increase oxygen and blood flow to the muscles and tissues to help speed up ulcer healing.