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Extra Depth Shoes with Inserts

Patients with diabetes should check their feet regularly to make sure they aren’t getting callusing or red spots on their feet. They need to have their toe nails trimmed properly to prevent infection and wear socks that do not bind or cut off circulation of the feet. By being pro-active many problems can be avoided including the prevention of foot ulcers and amputation.

One of the ways to help prevent complications of the foot for people with diabetes is to get them in proper fitting footwear with inserts that help offload pressure in problem areas.

A diabetic shoe that is billable with Medicare must meet Medicare’s guidelines and be coded. The shoe must have an extra 3/16th depth to accommodate heated or custom molded inserts. The shoe must come in 3 widths and have tie or Velcro closure. Many of the shoes have reinforced medial counters and rocker soles to help the patient with stability by offloading pressure in the ball of the foot. There are shoes made out of stretchable Lycra that help reduce pressure on the bunion and bunionette areas. Diabetic shoes are made with a deeper opening making it easier for patients with edema and swelling problems to put on their shoes. Some shoes have Velcro closures on the medial side to help the person who has arthritis in the hands and has trouble gripping.

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