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Biomechanical Gait Analysis & Computer Dynamic Walking Scan Analysis

Biomechanical Gait AnalysisIn addition to biomechanical analysis and joint movement testing Dr Goldbaum uses computer dynamic walking scan analysis, Gaitscan™, to create a holistic picture of the forces acting on your feet and throughout your body.

Gaitscan™ is used to assess pressure distribution and foot motion.

Static analysis is an assessment of your feet and posture done while you are standing motionless. This provides Dr Goldbaum with information regarding your weight distribution and forces going through different regions of your feet.

Dynamic analysis assesses the forces acting through different regions of your foot as you walk or run across the Gaitscan™ foot scanner. The information obtained helps Dr Goldbaum diagnose injury or abnormal foot function.

This state of the art technology provides the most comprehensive motion analysis available.