Neuropathy Pain - You don't have to live with it anymore!

If you're experiencing numbness and tightness to the legs and feet there is help!

Neuropathy is a broad medical term used to describe a condition with many causes. They can include thyroid abnormalities, anemia via B-12 deficiency, alcohol nutritional deficiency and Lupus, just to name a few.

Test are available to focus in on the cause so treatment can be started. We start with a routine history along with a physical and neurological exam. An external nerve conduction study will also be performaed. In some cases a vascular and muscle study are used to differentiate between muscle, vascular and nerve disease. At times an MRI and CT scan are ordered to help correctly diagnose the cause.

Various treatments have been made available for Neuropathy including many medications, infrared technology and micro vascular treatments.

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