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What is Hammer toe?

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If you have ever looked at your toes and noticed one that seemed to be turned under, similar to what a hammer would like, then you could be in for a problem. The condition of ammer toe is one that is largely due to improper shoe sizes being worn. This affects the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th toes of each foot, or all of the toes between the big toe and “pinky toe”. Monitoring your shoe wear and making sure the shoe is about 1/2 inch longer than your foot will go along way to better foot health.

You can receive expert care for hammer toe conditions from Dr. Ian Goldbaum. He has treated hammer toe patients for years providing relief. Expert care, successful diagnosis, and sustainable treatment are what you can expect when receiving treatment by Dr. Goldbaum. Hammer toe issues are not what you want to experience, but sometimes the condition shows up when you least expect it.

Even when you take care of your feet, other factors can contribute to developing hammer toe. Nerve disease and arthritis can cause you to show signs of your toes being compressed. Remember that any soreness in your middle toes noticed indicates a possible problem that you need to pay attention to without delay. Too many people try to ignore any pain or discomfort. Don’t delay treatment when you feel pain in your toes, it could point to some other more serious problems.

Hammer toe and Hammer toe Treatment

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