Gout Signs and Symptoms

Apart from the obvious feeling of pain there are many other symptoms associated with Gout: Redness……Swelling……Stiffness……Pain…..Inflammation

Gout usually develops in the joint of the first or big toe. It can also affect the ankle or occasionally the knee and even the hands or wrists. Moving this toe will almost certainly be intensely painful and can take the patient by surprise as Gout can develop rather quickly, often in just a day. The pain will be most severe in the first 12-24 hours and should be treated as quickly as possible. After that time the pain will subside slightly and may last from a few days to a week or two. However, if left untreated then there will almost certainly be a recurrence of the painful attack.

Gout and Diet

Dr Goldbaum has had new patients come into his office at various times with inflammation of the toe or ankle and, of course, in a great deal of pain. Often this can be a sign of Gout. Gout is caused by high levels of uric acid crystals forming in the blood. Elevated levels of Uric Acid can be caused by a diet high in purine such as Red Meat…..Heavy Cream Sauces…..Shell Fish…..Sardines…..Anchovies…..Beer.

My Diet is Fine but I Still Think I Have Gout

Your Gout may be Hereditary!

Really, can Gout be inherited? Yes, instead of a house and a few thousand dollars, you got Gout. Seriously, how does this happen? Well simply put, or not so simply put, it is known as Purine Metabolic Disease (this is a main cause of Gout) and you could have been born with it. Fortunately most people with PMD don’t ever have any symptoms. Unfortunately or fortunately for those of us that do, treatment is available. So basically foods that are high in Protein (such as those listed above) contain chemicals known as Purine, and Purine causes Gout. When Purines break down they produce Uric Acid. Of course, and I am sure that you can see where this is going, if you have Purine Metabolic Disease (PMD) then you’re going to have what might be described as Purine overload. In other words Uric Acid will begin to back up in your body. If this amount cannot be secreted through you urine then it will end up in your joints and your tissue and cause a discernable amount of pain.

Gout Treatment

Dr Goldbaum uses a combination of treatments including medications, injections and of course good nutrition to treat this fairly common ailment. Dr Goldbaum will discuss with you at the time of your visit various lifestyle changes including diet and exercise to help keep this monster at bay.

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