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Circulator Boot

If your answer to any of these questions is yes then the Circulator Boot (TM) may be the answer you have been searching for.

There are over 27 million diabetics in the United States today and this number is growing daily at a frightening pace. Being a diabetic leaves you with an increased risk of ulcers, circulation problems and infections that may, in many cases lead to amputation of the toes, foot and leg.

The Circulator Boot Therapy (TM) has been an incredibly successful treatment for diabetics facing imminent amputation of the lower extremity, even in advanced cases where surgery has already been scheduled. Patients with gangrenous feet who have been left with no hope have also, in many cases, been successfully treated using the Circulator Boot Therapy.

Extremely high success rates have been noted in patients with decreased circulation often causing a "pins and needles effect" that makes regular walking almost impossible.

Many diabetics and elderly people have slow healing or non healing ulcers. These ulcers can leave exposed areas that may potentially become infected causing much more serious problems. The Circulator Boot Therapy has effectively treated this problem in thousands of cases.

Here is how the Circulator Boot works:

Circulator Boot

The Circular Boot uses air pressure to provide a continuous series of gentle, short-duration compression pulses. The main reason that the system works so well is that the timing of the compressions is controlled by its cardiac monitor, attached to your chest. The accurately timed pressure pulses occur between heart beats.

The Circulation Boot Therapy is an excellent method for treating and correcting circulation problems. Mayo Clinic has reported in an article that "Complete ulcer healing as well as preservation of the affected limb can be achieved in most cases."

Circulator Boot Diagram

As well as providing an immediate boost to arterial and venous circulation, the procedure slowly breaks down clots. It increases the breakdown of plaque within the arteries by the release of nitric oxide Oxygen and nourishment increase. You will see swelling and pain subside with the first few sessions. As circulation is restored with each further session, the body can begin to heal itself.

Many amputations begin with a small injury to the foot, leg or toe, especially in the case of diabetics. Proper treatment, begun as soon as possible, can prevent what may ultimately lead to infections and gangrene and end with an amputation and often a myriad of life long medical complications.

Question: How many treatments will I need?

Answer: Dr Goldbaum will assess your needs with a Free consultation. Depending on the severity of your case.

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